Product highlights

Value Note
Nominal voltage 11 kV IEC (10 – 11 kV)
15 kV UL (12 – 15 kV)
20 kV IEC (20 – 24 kV)

Available in 2018
Available in 2018

Power rating 2.25 MVA / 2 MW Single unit
Efficiency >98%
Configurations Parallel
Ring bus
Energy storage Li-lon batteries
VRLA batteries
EDLC ultracapacitors

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.




Medium voltage

The transition from low voltage (LV) to medium voltage (MV) level is a natural progression of power protection for large critical power facilities. The approach offers two main benefits. It increases reliability and reduces costs of the critical power facility build and operation.

Increased reliability is derived from the MV design approach with larger protected load blocks, lower switchgear count and the operating culture of medium voltage systems.

Installing the power protection at the MV level provides the most energy efficient configuration as the lower currents at this voltage result in smaller cables and lower losses.

Impedance (Z) Isolated Static Converter ZISC

ABB’s ZISC is a revolutionary high performance, high efficiency power conditioning and uninterruptible power supply architecture. It provides protection from a broad spectrum of utility voltage events and supplies continuous clean power.

ZISC architecture is based on an isolating line reactor coupled with the high performance ABB power converters. This simple approach, backed up with advanced control, provides unmatched reliability and performance, with class leading efficiency.

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