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Rated Supply Voltage (according to model) 220 V (208 – 220 V)
400 V (380 – 400 V)
480 V (415 – 480 V)
Note: Operation at lower than the rated voltage results in less kVA per module. Consult the rating tables for more information
Voltage tolerance ± 10%
Nominal supply frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Frequency tolerance ± 5 Hz
Maximum Continuous Voltage 110%
Power system 3 phase + Neutral (4-Wire) Centre ground referenced (TN-S)
For use in other power systems refer to ABB Document 2UCD120000E017
Overvoltage category III
Fault capacity Refer to the model tables in this catalogue
Efficiency (400 V & 480 V models) 99% (typical)
Efficiency (220 V models) 98% (typical)
Overload and Short Circuit Protection Circuit Breaker (not included)
Overload Capacity 120% for 60 s
150% for 30 s
200% for 10 s
300% for 5 s

Not more than once every 10 minutes. For more information refer the Input Circuit Protection description in this catalogue



Designed for industry

The ABB PCS100 UPS-I is a high performance, high efficiency UPS system that ensures protection from power quality events, enabling continuous power supply to modern industrial processes. Designed for industrial applications (tooling, machinery, robotics, drives and motors), ABB’s PCS100 Industrial UPS provides a seamless power supply, eliminating downtime.

Protection from power quality events

Voltage sags, surges and short outages are common events that often cause electric and electronic equipment to malfunction. When such events occur in critical control operations, they can cause the complete shutdown of a facility. The PCS100 UPS-I is designed to solve these problems. It is a robust single conversion UPS and is used to protect sensitive loads from sags, surges and outages using ultracapacitor or battery energy storage. A lower total cost of ownership than alternative solutions, makes the PCS100 UPS-I a high performance, high efficient UPS system.

Robust with high availability

Harsh electrical environments are often found in modern industry. The modular inverter construction and failsafe electro-mechanical bypass enable the PCS100 UPS-I to provide the highest system availability. Coupled with the small footprint and easy serviceability, this low maintenance, high efficiency industrial UPS is the solution for all power protection applications.

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