Product highlights

Nominal voltage ups to 6.6 kV
Current rating 600 A
Power system type 3-Phase (3-Wire) IT or TN
Nominal frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Basic Impulse Level (BIL) 60 kV
Capacity Rating Up to 6.0 MVA
Displacement Power Factor 0.7 lagging to 0.9 leading
Transfer time ? 1.8 ms (typical)
Autonomy time up to 15 min.
Frequency accurancy 0.10% (inverter operation)
 Voltage accurancy  ± 5.0% (inverter operation)
 Voltage distortion  < 2.5% THDv for linear loads



Complete power protection

Experience complete power protection for your business by installing ABB’s PCS100 MV UPS.  Multi megawatt ratings, allows customers to choose the solution that best suits their applications. With an efficiency well in excess of 99 percent and a wide range of energy storage options, ABB’s PCS100 MV UPS is the ideal solution for your power protection needs.

Low cost of ownership

The PCS100 MV UPS has been designed to provide clean, reliable and efficient power, and lower costs for customers in industry and in large data centers who have sensitive or critical loads. The single-conversion topology used is a natural choice for medium voltage as losses are extremely small, meaning efficiencies well in excess of 99.5 percent can be achieved. The PCS100 MV UPS can be installed to protect the complete supply or just selected sensitive loads.

Retrofit possibilities

The PCS100 MV UPS can start at 2 MVA and grow in size as the factory or data center develops. As well as EDU modularity, the PCS100 MV UPS has inverter modularity, giving extremely high levels of availability through inverter redundancy.

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