DPA UPScale ST Modular UPS

DPA UPScale ST Modular UPS



DPA Upscale ST Modular UPS

Designed for medium power applications, the DPA UPScale St delivers true modular power protection from 10 to 200kW (one to ten modules) in a single industry-standard frame. Its flexible design provides a “pay as you grow” model, ideal in situations where requirements change quickly and unpredictably. The DPA UPScale St enables cost reduction through best-in-class efficiency performance, fast and efficient implementation and extremely low overall operating costs.

The modular DPA UPScale ST is based on ABB’s unique and proven Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA™). DPA means that each UPS module contains all the hardware and software required for full system operation. They share no common components, and as a result system uptime is maximized. Space costs money and with a footprint of only 0,42m2. DPA UPScale ST (10–200kW) takes up less floor space than alternative UPS solutions. The UPS provides all the benefits of a modular UPS solution with a maximum power density of 472kW/m2.

Key features
The DPA UPScale UPS system offers best-in-class efficiency and power performance features including:

  • Flexibility / Scalability: 200kW in 10 or 20 kW modular steps
  • True redundancy: N+1 redundancy (up to 10 kW N+1)
  • Online Swap Modularity (OSM)
  • Up to 96% efficiency in double conversion across a wide load range
  • Efficiency in eco-mode >= 98%
  • Ultra high power density up to 472 kW / m2
  • Light modules: 18.6 kg (10 kW) and 21.5 kg (20 kW)
  • Low input harmonic distortion (THDi of < 3%)
  • Near-unity input power factor at partial and full loads

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Download: Brochure_DPA_UPScale_ST_EN

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