Conceptpower DPA 500KVA MODULAR UPS

Conceptpower DPA 500KVA MODULAR UPS



In a data center, the principal mission of the UPS is to protect the servers. The UPS function can be located centrally or located beside each row of servers (“end of rack row”). A centralized power protection concept is appropriate, in most cases, for large data centers and a distributed power protection concept may be applicable in small data centers or large data centers with decentralized power protection demands.

The Conceptpower DPA 500 boasts the lowest cost of ownership of any UPS system by offering energy efficiency, scalability and ergonomic design to enable easy serviceability. It can be sized to align closely with prevailing IT requirements, but can be added to, incrementally as IT needs grow. This means that you only power and cool what you need. The resulting savings in power usage over the service life of the UPS are substantial. Rack-mounted configurations can be right-sized by inserting or removing ‘online-swappable’ modules while the systems remain online, enabling power to be added as requirements grow without any footprint penalty. This makes servicing simple as modules can be replaced without powering down.

Together with the excellent efficiency rating (up to 96%) of the product, all these factors gives the Conceptpower DPA 500 the lowest total cost of ownership of any similar UPS system.

Designers often over-specify UPS systems to take account of future demand growth. With the Conceptpower DPA 500, modules can simply be added in parallel to increase the system’s total capacity. The Conceptpower DPA delivers power protection from 100 to 500kW (one to five modules) in a single cabinet. Cabinets can operate in a parallel configuration to build a system of up to 3MW. The Conceptpower DPA 500 is the only modular UPS in the market that can easily scale up from 100 kW to 3 MW of clean, reliable power.

The Conceptpower DPA 500’s horizontal and vertical scalability allows:

– Flexible power upgrades and downgrades

– Easy maintenance

– Pay as you grow

Key features:

  • 100 kW rated power module
  • 500 kW rated power in single frame
  • Extended power range: from 100 kW to 3 MW
  • Unity output power factor (kVA = kW)
  • AC-AC efficiency up to 96 %
  • Efficiency in eco-mode ? 99 %
  • Online Swap Modularity (OSM)
  • Online serviceability
  • Top or bottom cable entry (standard)
  • Built-in back-feed protection (standard)
  • Graphical display on system level
  • DPA displays in each module
  • Maintenance bypass switch (optional)

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