Conceptpower DPA 120 UL

Conceptpower DPA 120 UL

Product highlights



 System power range 20kW–600kW
 Nominal power/module 20kW
 Nominal power/frame
 Output power factor 1.0
 Topology Online double conversion, transformerless, modular,
Decentralized Parallel Architecture
 Parallel configuration Up to 6 modules in one frame / up to 5 frames in parallel
 Cable entry Bottom
 Serviceability Front access only
 Back-feed protection Built-in (standard)
 Connection 5-wires, 3-phase + neutral + ground




Conceived for small to mid-sized data centers, ABB’s modular Conceptpower DPA 120 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) fulfill power requirements from 20 kW to 600 kW at 208V and provide maximum availability for those who aim for zero downtime as well as a low cost of ownership.
Total vertical and horizontal scalability

The Conceptpower DPA 120 delivers power protection from 20 to 600 kW at 208V, both input and output, (one to six modules) in a single cabinet frame. Horizontal scalability is also given, with up to five frames in parallel, to increase total power up to 600 kW. This scalability means that there is no need to over-specify the original configuration as power modules can simply be added, as needed, in the future.

 True parallel architectureThis advanced UPS design provides the highest degree of protection in critical applications where the load must be fed with quality power. These Conceptpower DPA systems utilize decentralized parallel architecture and ensures the highest level of reliability and availability with true redundancy across modules.

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