About Us

Pushing out limits to provide the highest quality services

Who we are

Powercell is a leading privately owned power systems company established in 2005 in Lagos, Nigeria, and the foremost renewable energy solutions provider in Nigeria.

With strong international partnerships with top notch global energy companies such as ABB, Ashley Edison, Cappello group, Powercell is the one-stop shop for all your energy and power backup needs.

At Powercell, we have carved a niche for ourselves as the go – to company for alternative and uninterruptible source of power for diverse areas of business – manufacturing, financial services, military, healthcare and education service providers, and homes.

Creed and Culture

At Powercell, we create an environment where people are encouraged to bring in their unique strengths and creativity, whilst working together as a team to achieve the corporate goal. We believe in capacity development, and so, invest a lot in human resource development.

We have built a culture of responsive and outstanding customer service over time because we know that just as the spinal cord is to the human body, so is a reliable power infrastructure to a business. We celebrate achievement but we keep moving because we have a very high standard set for ourselves, and with God’s help, we keep achieving them without even knowing it.

We are building our capacity to attain our vision of becoming the leading renewable energy provider in West Africa.


To become the leading renewable energy provider in West Africa.

Our Objectives

To achieve this mission, the Company strives to continuously:

  • Understand, anticipate and respond effectively to customer’s changing requirements by promoting the culture of a “ User friendly organization” where the customer is king;
  • Improve the quality of products to users through knowledge transfer from foreign technical partners
  • Develop an energy project that will not only be a major supplier of electricity to the Nigerian populace but will also complement the vision 2020 of the federal Government green Power project
  • Promote safe working standards that will ensure the safety of personnel and output


  • Powercell limited seeks to combine good solar technology with nature’s most abundant resource to deliver the cleanest, most affordable and energy efficient solutions for a green future.
  • Powercell limited is also passionately committed to delivering alternative energy choices through lasting partnerships in order to build a brighter, sustainable future.

Our Core Values

The Company’s core values, which guide the conduct of its operations as well as its interactions with stakeholders, are as follows:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence Mindset
  • Capacity Building
  • Customer Service
  • Compliance
  • Community Empowerment

Our Clients

In Nigeria, Powercell sells, installs and carries out maintenance services for following corporates, government parastatals, church and higher institution of learning:

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